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WeddingPath on CD Terms & Conditions 4155 views

You (or someone close to you) has taken a long time to put together a beautiful WeddingPath and now you want to buy it on CD. We want you to be overjoyed with the product and hope you'll read this section carefully to avoid disappointment.

  • Your website will be sent to you in a gift-packaged CD (in WeddingPath colours)

  • You will NOT need an internet connection to see the site's pages and all the images you have uploaded to your WeddingPath account.

  • You MAY NEED FLASH on your PC in order to view your site properly. Flash is easily available via the web (see

  • Due to Google licensing constraints we WILL NOT save your WEDDINGMAP page to CD.

  • Due to copyright restrictions, we CANNOT save any images which are hosted on another site. So if you have linked to images in a Snapfish account (for example), the WeddingPath page will display properly provided that your PC has a net connection and that image is still on Snapfish's server.

  • A similar restriction applies to video content served from external sites (e.g.

  • This will also apply to tickers you may have on your site such as Snugglepie countdowns etc.

  • We test our page designs in as wide a range of browsers as possible but it's almost impossible to test them all - any discrepancies showing on your CD will be exactly the same as those affecting your online site. It's up to you to ensure that your site looks good to you before ordering. If you know what we are like, you'll know that we have tried our best to ensure this too!

  • All message boards will be saved in a 'closed' state - i.e. you won't be able to add more messages to them.

  • All photoshare pages will not support any further addition of photos to your CD (logical, but we need to tell you this).

  • All photos will be shown at the same resolution as you see on your online WeddingPath (not the original hi-res photos that were uploaded).
This CD is a reflection of your efforts and planning and we hope it brings you much pleasure over the years!