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Do honeymoon couples really get free upgrades? 11402 views


Is it an urban myth that honeymoon couples get free upgrades on their holidays? If they do how do you go about doing it?

Richard Dixon, managing director of honeymoon specialist, explains….

The first thing to say is that it is not an urban myth! Many travel companies recognise that honeymoon couples can provide future valuable business and that offering an upgrade can be a great way of creating lifetime goodwill.

They know that as most people only go on honeymoon once it can be an opportunity to offer some extra goodwill without the customer expecting it next time they travel.

How to go about getting an upgrade

The first thing to understand is that there are a number of upgrades that you can get. You can be upgraded on the flight and/or at the hotel. At the hotel you can find your room upgraded and you can also sometimes get added extras for free such as champagne on arrival and flowers/chocolates in the room. Even free excursions are possible.



Strange as it may sound most airlines aim to overbook flights. They know that as many as 5% of passengers will not turn up for a flight. This means if things go according to plan they can sell 105% of the seats without running out of capacity.

That’s if things go according to plan!

As you can imagine though if more people turn up to the flight than they anticipated then they have a problem. As they rarely sell out business and first class they have to use some of that capacity to accommodate people who don’t have a seat in economy.

First Class

Our tips

1) Dress smartly and speak nicely,
2) Subtly mention you are on your honeymoon. Say that you got just got married and you are looking forward to relaxing and getting away from it all.
3) Ask if the flight is pretty full. If so, say you would be more than willing to move around if it would help.
4) We, at, like to try and pre-inform the airline that you are on honeymoon. Even better if they have named airline contacts.
5) Get advice from your travel agent on when different airlines bump early or late (i.e. move passengers off onto other flights). People like Virgin can start to bump people earlier than BA for example. This will help you decide when you join the check-in queue.


The best way to get free upgrades and optional extras is to get them pre-agreed before you travel instead of leaving it to chance while you are out there.

Your best bet is to use a travel agent who has access to all tour operators and they can tell you which tour operators are offering free upgrades at a particular time.

Neither the travel agent or tour operator will be able to guarantee upgrades unless they are pre-booked however the above tips should help you make your honeymoon that little bit extra special.

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